Tito Julio, 22yo, 14th Feb 2016

22 years, we have been together, for the worst and hoping for the better. Love might not shown as expected, or as we wanted, but love is definitely there to be hold and respected.

We are brothers and sister. We’ve faced all kind of laughters. Emotions, from anger to a simple sweet smile, we have given to each other. How I am proud to call you my brother. Your strenght, your will, your bravery to face the pain and the ill. Untill the end, I can only stood still, remembering all the memories, all that we feel.

Say hi for mama, let her know we are fine. We have took care her little kid with all the might we can find. Might not be the best care and not the most fair, but we prove it, in the end we are all there.

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