Democracy, A Muslim Point of View

We should consider #democracy as a serious threat to human kind, regarding what happened in Afghan, Iraq dan most of Muslim world.

#Democracy, by all standards, met the qualification of being a religion by definition. It should be treated as one.

The spreading of #democracy all through the world, is done by violence, coup, revolution which mostly involved innocent victims.

As what happen right now in Afghan and through out Muslim world, the enforcement of #democracy should considered violation of human rights.

The enforcement of #democracy happened before and will happen again in the future and it oppose the free will of the people to choose ..

.. their own sovereign rights. #Democracy which enforced by the West throughout the world, is not about freeing the people.

The practice of enforcing #democracy to other nations, should be considered as a violation of human rights and their free will.

By any standards, #democracy does not give people their free will and their political rights. On the contrary, it stole those rights.

What really happens, #democracy puts people’s political rights into a handful of politicians that uses that rights for their personal goals.

And that is thievery of the people’s political rights. #Democracy should not be endorse to any nation at all, to ensure humanity existence.

Any nation that support the enforcement of #Democracy should be charged with terrorism and crime against human basic rights.

So if #democracy should be endorsed in anyway, it should not be enforce to other nation whatsoever as it is today in most Muslin world.

That way, #democracy should be accepted as any other religion, as it is a religion that has been preached to us through war and violence.

Sadly many Muslim are ignorant about the fact that #democracy as a religion that should not be accepted, nor preached.

The propaganda of preaching #democracy is widely accepted, many Muslims rather preached this religion instead of their own.

Unrealize that they already thrown away their Islamic legacy of faith and acknowledgment, by accepting and preaching for #democracy.

A hadith from Ady bin Hatim ra explains about what ibadah means, and#democracy is considered as a syirk teachings from Islam perspective.

There are many verses in the Qur’an, forbidding Muslims from taking another religion, way of life, or system such as #democracy.

The one that is do specific, QS 4:60-62, explaining those who wishes their own laws, judgements, systems such as #democracy, as munafiquns.

Syaikh Muhammad ibn Abd Al Wahhab, choose that verse from many other similar verses in the Qur’an explaining syirk in obidience.#democracy

In the footnotes, Asy Syaikh wrote that QS 4:60-62, helps us to understand the meaning of ‘thoghut’. #Democracy produces many of them.

From Asy Syaikh, from Al Kitab At Tawhid, that verse explains obidience or acceptance to other than Islam, considered as syirk.#democracy

Not just only that #democracy is a terrorism itself that against humanity, it is also against the laws of Ar Rabb Al ‘Alamin.

Surprisingly the endorsement to accept #democracy came from Muslims, those who claim themselves as ‘soldier of da’wah’. Fitna of ignorance.

And some other that claim themselves as following the teaching of Sunnah, unwillingly to speak against #democracy as if it is a common sin.

Their prides, way of live and obidience change qibla from Macca to the Western world. The rabbs of #democracy, rabbs besides Allah ta’ala.

Allahu a’lam bish showaab, billahi tawfiq wal hidayah.



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